Technology Integration Project Ideas:


You saw some amazing examples of Technology Integration examples on the previous pages, here are

some additional examples of some more simple Technology Integration projects that might allow you

to begin to work technology into your lessons with more minimal equipment available:


-        Access an online weather forecast.
Most elementary grade teachers begin each school day with a discussion of the date and local weather. Why not take an extra minute to visit a site such as The Weather Channel, to find out what the rest of the day might bring? If you have a few extra minutes, check out weather in other parts of the country as well.

-        Challenge students with online mathematics problems.
Add a daily or weekly mathematics challenge to your seatwork assignments, math lessons, or extra credit activities. The Math Forums Math Problem of the Week offers word problems in five categories -- math fundamentals, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and pre-calculus. The AIMS Puzzle Corner provides more than 100 math-related puzzles appropriate for students in upper elementary grades and middle school. Most include printable worksheets. Aunty Math's Math Challenges for K-5 Learners offers biweekly word problems for younger students, while high school students will enjoy the news-related math problems at Math Counts. Dont like todays problem? Not to worry! Most of the sites listed also include extensive archives. If you teach grades 3-8, extend your students online math experience and encourage them to match wits with students around the world by participating in the Abacus International Math Challenge.

-        Introduce a word of the day.
Extend students vocabulary by including an online word of the day in opening activities, seatwork assignments, or language arts lessons. The Daily Buzzword at Word Central provides a word of the day and related activity appropriate for upper elementary students. Vocabulary Builder offers words and definitions for students in grades 4-6 and grades 6-9. The words and definitions at A Word a Day and Word of the Day are best for students in middle and high school.

-        Utilize online work sheets.
Are you worn out from trying to come up with new and creative seatwork assignments day after day after day? Make life easier on yourself by including a few online worksheets. Each week, Education World provides an original printable Scavenger Hunt and a Writing Bug creative writing activity. In addition, TeAchnology offers lots of work sheets in a variety of curriculum areas.

-        Incorporate online news sources into discussions of current events.
Dont limit students current events contributions to print newspapers; encourage them to search online media as well. CNN and MSNBC are excellent places to start looking for national and international news. Or, check out Online Newspapers to find your local newspaper online. The Internet Public Library also provides links to local news sources by country and, for the United States, by state.

-        Make the news a learning tool.
Help students better understand current events and connect todays news to their own lives by encouraging them to further explore the issues of the day. Use news and current events as the basis for science, health, and technology lessons. What caused the tornado that devastated the Midwest or the hurricane that hit Florida? Etc 


-        Keep 'em guessing!
It's Friday afternoon and most students have their eyes on the clock and their minds on a weekend of freedom. If you have access to enough computers that students can work individually or in small groups, try to keep the learning going with some stimulating online games. Solving the problems at Mystery Net generally demands more logic than Math. That sites features include Get-a-Clue, a daily mystery appropriate for younger students; See-n-Solve, a weekly mystery featuring USA TV's Detective Monk; and Solve-it!, a monthly mystery in which students read a mystery and then solve the crime. The latter two activities are best for older students. Or, simply reward students for a week of hard work by allowing them a few minutes to play some of the online Logic Games at SuperKids. Games include Battleship, checkers, tic-tac-toe, BreakOut, and more.


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-       Use Classroom Jeopardy to prepare for tests.!