As a mother and an educator I agree with the myriad of experts who insist advertising to young people has gone too far.

I think young people today are so bombarded by advertising that they have become completely unaware that they are even being sold to … to them it is a lifestyle! I think subliminal brand messaging has been taken to a whole new level; even my 5 year old can name several brands just by seeing a portion of the logo. The data gathering that is done by advertisers on younger and younger children is, I believe, dangerous and unnecessary. Also, the practice of allowing advertising on educational and media sites geared towards kids makes it difficult, if not impossible to use in an educational setting, preventing children from accessing that information. I do not however see an end in sight for the practice, despite efforts to regulate it, there is no good way to monitor it and too many legal loopholes exist. I think our best bet is to educate our young people so they can become savvy, technology and media literate consumers.