After going through all of the information provided on this site and in class, we will work on the following two assignments ...


Assignment 1

Find hidden advertising

Over the next week use the log provided to find at least 10 hidden advertisements in the world around you. Look around you when you are in the car, pay attention to products used in TV shows, games, on apps etc. When your using the Internet, look for banner ads, pop ups and friend comments on Facebook.

Log: advlog.pdf


Assignment 2

Advertising Campaign

As a group, create an imaginary product, something that can be advertised using new technology (such as the internet, as product placement in a movie or TV show or on a device app.). Your product must provide a solution to a problem or a fulfill a need (for example, an instant gum freezer to remove gum off the bottoms of shoes). For this project you will use the information you have learned about advertising ethics to come up with an ethical marketing plan to market your product to a specific demographic without deceiving or tricking consumers into buying your product.

Visit this site to get more information on creating your advertisement:

Fill out the following handout for your product: prodassign.pdf

Once you are done you will pitch your product to the rest of the class. After the pitch each of the other groups will review your product and advertising techniques using the following form: prodrev.pdf


Preview the Project grading rubric here:

Rubric: rubric.pdf