Sara Moss started Nine 13 Media in 2005 as a media company specializes in photography, video production and instruction in St. Louis, MO. From the beginning, she has been working as a Visual Arts Teaching Artist, specializing in electronic visual arts integration using computer arts, video production and photography. During that time, she has brought art and technology integration in the classroom and have promoted the skills of instructional design throughout my work. 

Under the Tech Ethics section, she has created a media literacy lesson geared toward elementary students on the use of interactive advertising techniques in technology, (such as the internet, social media etc), the ethical issues surrounding these techniques and how it affects them as consumers. The lesson as an online lesson that incorporates elements of written material, links to social media and other examples which students are familiar with and interactive assignments (such as an online survey and a discussion forum).  

 Under the Tech Integration section, there is an Introduction of Technology Integration in the Classroom created for current educators.Here you will find a basic understanding of Technology Integration and an explanation about  how it enhances higher-order thinking skills, give them examples of integration projects and finally provide them with an exercise and peer forum to help them create their own integration project. There are also exercises where participants to come up with 2-3 technology integration projects.